I’ve just been through 5 weeks of hell since my computer refused to turn on. You can read about my troubles elsewhere. Today I’m recognizing the positive things that resulted from all the drama. And there were good things!

I made the mistake of not taking a class about basic computer information when I first began using one. I plowed ahead, not really knowing what I was doing, and I lost my early photographs somewhere in the bowels of the now defunct machine.

Distorted 2

When everything was loaded from my old hard drive onto my new computer recently, photos showed up I hadn’t seen in years. In looking at the previously lost pictures I realized I’d been more experimental and creative in my early work than any photography I’ve done in the past few years.

Distorted 3

I was hijacked by compliments and positive feedback, and I repeated what I knew others liked. Big danger for any creative person.

Distorted 6

I remember having all kinds of fun with camera movement and rotation when taking these shots. Sometimes I used the light box to lay the flowers on, but more often I took photos. at the local botanical gardens.

Distorted 5

Even though I wouldn’t want to go through the last 5 weeks again I’m grateful it happened.