Do you or anyone you know get purple bruises on your hands and arms when you knock into something? If not you, maybe you’ve noticed them on a parent or grandparent. I’ve had, what are called bruises, show up with the slightest bump and have asked several health professionals what to do about them. No one seems to know, but now I do. And I want to pass the information on to as many sufferers as possible.

I discovered that if I slather on Arnica lotion immediately after a bump or scrape on my limbs the blood withdraws from the surface and no bruise forms. Like most others with this condition I often find the purplish spots without being aware of contact with anything, but when I’m paying attention I feel an itchy, tingly feeling when a bruise is forming. When I notice that I make haste to the lotion, and it usually works to prevent the discoloration. You can buy Arnica lotion at health food stores and anywhere that homeopathic remedies are sold.

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  1. foguth

    I’ve used Arnica for bruises for years and agree that it is great. I will also add that I deal with arthritis and Arnica lotion helps the stiffness with that.


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