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I live happily in a tiny house 2 miles from the ocean, surrounded by redwoods. Who could ask for anything better? I have been very content here for the past 13 plus years. I didn’t realize what I’d been missing until my front door began to come apart at the bottom edge. No big deal, really, but my wiser landlord realized it couldn’t be repaired and would only get worse with time. So he ordered a new door with a 9 pane window, the window being a new and unexpected feature.

Installing it turned out to be a 3 day job as the new door measured 1/2″ bigger than the old one, and much sawing and ripping apart was required. But when it was finally shoved into place I had light! I had no idea how dark it had been in my living room with the solid door. I loved the new illumination, but I also saw all the spots on my pantry door I’d missed when cleaning.

That experience got me thinking about the many facets of our lives in which light plays a prominent role. A very informative article is about how life on earth is dependent on light from the sun in more ways than the obvious ones we usually think about.

Last night I was presented with another opportunity to experience light, or more accurately, lack of light. Yesterday heavy rain and fierce winds pelted the area, a perfect set-up for downed power lines. We made it through the day in my neighborhood, but at 10:30 last night all went black. I fumbled around for a flashlight, 2 of which I keep by my bed. One didn’t work because I’d “borrowed” its batteries and never replaced them, and the second I’d forgotten how to turn on.

So I went to bed. PG&E had us up and running by 10:30 this morning. I was almost disappointed. I like the infrequent power outages that remind me of one more thing I take for-granted, and I feel gratitude to Thomas Edison, PG&E and everyone else who sees to it that when I flip the switch the lights go on.

As a Quaker I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our belief of “a light within” that everyone has. When someone in our community, or someone we  know, is having a hard time we ask that all who are present hold that person in the light. We all have our own idea of what that light is, but for me I think of it as  Spirit.

Finally, I received this post from Humanity’s Team a few days ago. It’s another way to bring light into your life.

February 5th, 2015 Imagine taking deep breaths infused with light, envision this light breath filling every cell of your body with more coherent light vibrations. Imagine when you observe the beauty of the rising sun each morning that you can reinforce and feed your own light cells. Realize that the live foods you ingest also carry light particles. Think of it as eating sunlight. This supports and contributes to building a strong luminous light body.Make it a practice several times a day to pause and sense, feel or envision light coming into the crown of your head, replenishing, nourishing every cell of your physical body with life-giving and life-sustaining LIGHT.–Field of Coherent Light by Peggy Black and the ‘team’