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Peachy Iris I planted a couple of bearded iris bulbs in the fall last year. They were in pots outside my kitchen window where I was able to watch the first leaves peek out of the soil, and weeks later, four buds began to appear on a long stem among the leaves. Nothing seemed to change for a long time. When the first bud showed a little color I took a few shots and I kept closer watch. Finally one morning as I was washing dishes I noticed that the first petal was slowly unfurling. I grabbed my camera and tripod to record the birth of the blossom. By the end of the day the beautiful peach colored iris was fully open. I enjoyed it outside until it became obvious that I needed to cut it and bring it inside for some studio work before it faded away. In the final two photos you can see that all the petals have drooped but its beauty is as evident at the end as it was at the beginning. See the slideshow below for the visuals:  LIFE CYCLE OF AN IRIS