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One of the tourist attractions around Ft. Bragg is our local narrow gauge railroad and steam engine, The Skunk Train. It carries people through beautiful forests, along a river and eventually to Willits. It was originally built in 1885 to carry redwood logs from remote logging camps to coastal mills, and was an important source of supplies for loggers and their families in the inland camps. The steam locomotive runs only in the summer now, and is a fun activity for families who visit Ft. Bragg. When I hear the familiar whistle I know summer has arrived.

Skunk Train edited

I get my Happiness Cards printed in Willits at Printing Plus. (This is a plug for them. They do a great job.) I live in Ft. Bragg, some 35 miles away. Their carrier is usually UPS, but the Skunk Train station in Willits lies right across the street from the printer. “I wonder if my cards could be shipped on the Skunk Train,” I thought to myself. It only took 3 phone calls to set it up, and my cards helped initiate a new delivery service between Willits and Ft. Bragg. When I went by to pick up my latest order I was told, “No charge. Someone already paid it for you.” What a nice surprise!